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3 Jul 2017

Laser Tag


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Posted By Antoine L.

Laser tag is a new sport craze that is taking the world by storm. Kids and adults love this arcade amusement style game.

Laser tag is a war style fighting game, where people shoot at each other with laser guns. Each player wears an infrared sensitive target and this keeps score so that you can see who the winner was at the last time.

The laser tag room where you play the game is normally very dark with loads of different colours lights around, sometimes in a very space style theme. There are often different levels and podiums to climb on as well as boxes and holes to hide in so that you can creep up on your opponent.

Laser tag has been around since 1984, although normally an indoor style game you can also play it outdoors.

Although similar to paint ball in the way that you shoot the other team, it's a lot better as you don't get any paint stains and it is also completely painless. This means that laser tag appeals to a lot more people, and all ages can play.

Originally before the laser tag became a recreational game, the army used the same infrared style shooting to help train members in the army. It was a great way to test their aim and agility and they could keep score of people being shot or hit.

Laser tag is extremely popular in young boys. Most laser tag places now have function rooms so that they can hold parties there. This means rather than playing against member of the general public you can play against friends and family. This is more fun as you really get to see people's competitive spirit.

Laser tag is popular all over the world and there are new laser tag places opening up all the time. Normally just playing for an hour, it's a relatively cheap day out for the kids and lots of fun.

When you have finished playing laser tag you normally go back to a room, where a member of staff will check who the winner was, which the person who got shot the least is and then they are declared the winner.


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